Lucca, 16 October 2010

My wife took these photos in Lucca, Italy, the day before Sean died. She says she will never go there again.

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9 responses to “Lucca, 16 October 2010

  1. I understand how she feels but one may as well blame all of Italy at that rate. There are some places I’ll never return to. My time at Lucca was spent gawping at tourists as much as churches.

    • It reminds me of a line in a Steve Earle song, ‘Goodbye’ … ‘One place I will never go in my life again.’ For Earle it was Mexico. I like the Emmylou Harris version.

  2. I like “Copperhead Road”. It’s about me actually;)

  3. Rainer the cabbie

    I guess the memory of what happened to end her stay is something that she won’t ever need to be reminded of.

    I had some strange experiences in Tuscany, where in some places I felt the vibe of aggression in the air.
    Maybe just some energy hangover from all that neighbourly feuding, but it felt real to me.

  4. @Rainer I had a great time in Tuscany looking up where one of my very few non Irish (or Scots) ancestors came from.

  5. Metin YILMAZ

    Brendano, she is a mother and i see her feelings very well but who knows his/her own destiny, that is work of the world. I pray and hope actually i’m sure this painful days will over with your family solidarity. Be patient dear friend.

  6. Cymbeline

    Of course your wife will never go back to Lucca. I know about those feelings. That is why I said that she was with you, one flesh.

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