To Cymbeline

Cymbeline, thanks for the note. Please feel free to comment here if you wish.


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16 responses to “To Cymbeline

  1. Llongyfarchiadau. Penbwydd Hapus. Even if it isn’t, greetings from Ron “Special K” Broxted.

  2. Ike Jakson

    This is a question for Ron. The first three words in your comment are strange to me; it isn’t even Dutch. What is it and what does it mean?

  3. Shermeen

    I am pleased to see this message.

    In the spirit of Ron Broxted, os gswelwch yn dda ol-gofnodi,and smiles to you.

    • Cymbeline

      My Dearest Shermeen, I am delighted and amused by your Welsh. As you know, I come from a culture that has long been fascinated by the languages and peoples of the East. How I would love to be a scholar of Urdu, of Sanskrit. You come from a people equally fascinated by the Other; we once knew how to see the exotic refinement in each other.

      Let’s do it again!

      How shall we educate them?

  4. @Ike Congratulations, Happy Birthday. (I have a Welsh speaking acquaintance with a birthday this week). @Shermeen, there was a sympathetic article on Ahmadiyyas (The Independent?) a few days ago. I was to post a link on the Torygraph but never bothered as the Aryan White Stormtroopers were on duty;)

  5. Rainer the cabbie

    Oh Cymbeline, you were missed !
    Please come back to bliss us with your wisdom.
    But keep mum locked up, thank you.

    • Cymbeline

      Locked up? My mother?

      Hard isn’t it, Rainer, trying to lock up the genocidal obscenities of your mother country and trying desperately to transform and blur the understanding of life and death into some sort of shallow rainbow, so that the guilt, the specific German guilt, will go away.

      Face your German past. Why did you have to run away to Australia?

  6. Cymbeline,

    Come back or I will annoy you. You are missed.

  7. Lets go to Martinique and threaten to tickle her…

  8. Be quiet or we will go to Turkey and tickle your feet until you agree to pay our airfares. First class. Return. Oh and I want to go to Iran too.

  9. Cymbeline

    Thank you.

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