Six months

I started this blog on 4 May, so it is six months old today. It has been a strange six months, which has seen the death of several people I knew or to whom I had some connection … notably our son Sean, about whom I have written here at some length.

Life goes on, and we need to face the future with optimism while missing and remembering Sean. I had been planning to post slideshows of him as a baby and young boy with his family and friends … we have a great many photos (fewer of recent times, unfortunately). But the Internet is a strange place and there are creeps out there; furthermore, there would be a risk of boring people and of self-indulgence or maudlinism. So I won’t do that. Instead I’ll write from time to time about Sean’s musical favourites and so forth.

There have been 43,000 hits on the blog. Any well-meaning person who has been reading it without commenting is welcome to comment if they wish.

This is one of the many, many songs I first heard played by Sean on the other computer while I was sitting at this one.



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30 responses to “Six months

  1. Your blog is a highlight of my day. The link is not working on my laptop – all I have is a white box. You are correct about creeps (or singular, creep) but accentuate the positive!

  2. Rainer the cabbie

    OH Brendan…..

    Looking at this photo moved me. It almost looks like you anticipated what would happen in future years to come.
    I am glad you said in the post that life goes on, it does, even though this pain will stay around with you and Pauline for a long time.
    But it will pass, it will get easier and there is light at the end of the tunnel.
    Don’t give up, by the looks of it you have many friends. 🙂

  3. Ike Jakson


    I have been quiet because I needed a break and time on the final election period in America where I have old established relationships and some very close family.

    But I have been reading your things. You have done well and I agree with Ron’s words in particular.

    May I say Hi to him? Hi Ron.

  4. Metin YILMAZ

    Hello Brendano,
    Looking at this photo moved me too,i al ready have guessed how you are e great father and now i see it on the picture too. i just i say life is going on and all bitter and sweet events are in life for us, i see your feelings very well and i admire your patient, also wish you much patient too. No doubt the God sees your pain, i believe that dear Brendano your son is in the Heaven and he waits there you with his open arms.
    Best Wishes Brendano.

  5. Shermeen

    Have read and seen all the blogs but not commented… I have looked in here every day. As Ron Broxted says, it is something I do instinctively. Sean’s garden photos are so beautiful in their simplicity, what an eye he had.
    Your blogs are a wonderful tribute to your son. Please write them as and when you wish to.

  6. Ron Broxted (Robert Napier) just discovered the link is working. Is that Blarney castle? I guess P took that one.

  7. Marya

    I, too, find this photo deeply touching and poignant, Brendan ..

    endurance is all … ‘don’t lose touch’

    Other friends here have said what I feel .. we are all enriched by your tributes to Sean.

    Marya x

    • Thanks very much, Marya.

      I went to YouTube intending to post something else, but this was one of the ‘suggested’ clips on account of something else I watched, and it seemed appropriate. I like it a lot, as did Sean.

  8. Fore, yes, is the magic money tree still there?

  9. There’s nothing maudlin about what you are sharing on your blog. You are remembering and celebrating his life and the things he liked and loved. Keep doing it if you feel moved to do so.

  10. Rainer the cabbie

    I just research the lyrics of “don’t lose touch”.
    Smart fellow your boy, looks like he was like me at age 19.
    So much crap to get caught up in, the easy way is to follow it. But I guess your and Pauline’s upbringing taught him differently.

  11. Hi Brendan, I have popped in and out of your site over the past few weeks. I know that you will never forget your loss, but I hope the pain lessens with time. I will be thinking of you and Sean when I watch a certain sporting event that is taking place at Lansdowne Road this evening.

    • Thanks, Sipu … I appreciate it. I have bought the same cakes as Sean and I ate while watching the rugby this day three weeks ago … his mum and probably his sister will watch it with me.

      Now we just need O’Driscoll & Co. to do the business. It won’t be easy … even with all the injuries the Boks have a mean-looking pack.

  12. I’m with Jan.
    It’s not maudlin or self-indulgent at all to want to write about Sean and to share your memories of him. You write almost daily; what could be more natural than writing about what is uppermost in your mind at the time?

  13. JR

    Hi Bob,
    Just to say we’re still thinking of you.
    I dip into your blog most days.
    I believe you are approaching this in the best way possible and I admire your rationale and attitude in this most difficult of times for you,Pauline and Susanna. I hope to see you all again soon.
    You are welcome to pop across to stay if you feel the urge to get away for a weekend.

  14. Hello JR … thanks for that; your support has been wonderful. There’s not necessarily anything new here on the blog day by day, but I’ll continue to add bits and pieces. I’ll probably post something about Sean’s early musical tastes later.

    I hope all is well with C, H, B and yourself.

  15. claire2

    beautiful pictures, Brendano. I’m thinking of you x

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