More garden pics … butterflies etc.

Sean took these in our garden on the same day as the previous batch.

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8 responses to “More garden pics … butterflies etc.

  1. papaguinea

    Brendano, I very much like the way your have grouped the first four (seen as a quartet before the shots went into a slideshow). This is a very nice collection of garden shots. with some unusual perspectives. I think Marya had said of yesterdays pictures that they show a reflective side to Sean’s character, one at peace with nature. (I too liked the shots of the dog looking into the pond.)

  2. Thanks, PapaG … I’m glad you like them. I think these were taken in summer 2009, when there were far more butterflies in our garden than this year. They are an off-the-cuff, experimental type of photo, I suppose.

  3. I remember the butterfly pic. Not an authority on photography, but I can say, you are not wrong in thinking Sean had a talent, Brendan. They are like professional photographs.

    • Yes, Levent, I posted one of them before. I’ll post some very different photos he took another time. I think if he applied himself he could have been very good.

  4. Marya

    Hello Brendan .. these are gorgeous 🙂
    I can almost smell the honey scent of that buddleia.
    The butterflies are beautiful .. I love the contrast in textures Sean photographed … the velvety wings, the sun through the thistle spikes and the old stones and trowel juxtaposed with the soft green whorls of the plant.
    Thank you for posting them.

    Marya x

  5. Thanks, Marya … you’re very kind.

  6. Cymbeline

    It must be wonderful for you to still be able to see the world through your son’s eyes, through his photography.

    We were talking about sight and hearing in art the other evening. Your son had a highly developed sense of both those faculties. Gifts.

    • Thanks, Cymbeline. Of course we would prefer now that he had taken far more photos. I’d also like to have more photos of him towards the end of his life … the last day in particular. But we are lucky to have what we have … we could have far less to remember him by.

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