Sean … some garden photos

Sean liked photography and was interested in film … had he lived, he might have become a photographer, cinematographer or film director. He was visually talented.

These are some fairly random photos that he took one day in our garden.

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13 responses to “Sean … some garden photos

  1. Marya

    Delightful, Brendano .. a sense of harmony, tranquillity and quite literally, reflection .. particularly lovely shots of your little dog investigating the water.
    Thank you for sharing Sean’s vision of the world.

    Marya x

  2. Thank you, Marya (I corrected the typo :-)).

    Sean loved the dogs … I’m glad we have some photos of them that he took.

  3. Marya

    re the typo correction … I noticed! Thank you 🙂

    Yes, his affection for them is palpable in his photos.

  4. Ike Jakson


    You have a serene place. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Tranquil was the word that sprang to my mind too. Some beautiful shots of a sunny day in the garden. I expect he was pleased with these. Yours looks like I like gardens, Brendano, untidy enough for interesting wildlife!

    • Thanks, Jan … if untidiness is a virtue, I’m a very virtuous person … certainly as far as the garden is concerned. I remember you talked about your garden wildlife before.

      The lawn had got very long (Sean’s job) … my brother-in-law was good enough to mow it on Saturday, so the place is a bit more respectable-looking now.

  6. Nice canine ones an some nice close ups of nature. It looks a bit like parts of Lithuania there!

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