A nice pic …

… of Sean brushing his own and his little sister’s teeth.



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8 responses to “A nice pic …

  1. Ike Jakson

    The nicest pics are always of the days when they were small. Our daughter makes sure that we update our own individual “libraries” and I still get the thrills running all over me when I look at them in their innocent days. Enjoy your pictures.

  2. Marya

    Delightful picture, Brendan .. magic moments.

    Marya x

  3. Thanks, Marya. That one was taken in his grandparents’ bathroom in Warrenpoint. He was the first of their eight grandchildren and was especially close to his grandad, who passed away in 2000 when Sean was eight.

    I am not comparing him to anyone else or saying he was better than anyone else … I am just remembering him.

  4. Marya

    Sean must have loved staying with his grandparents .. the times I remember with my grandma are some of the happiest of my life .. loving grandparents are very special.

    Brendan,thank you for the privilege of sharing in your memories of Sean.

    Marya x

  5. Sweet memories. Best wishes, J

  6. This is just lovely.

    Thank you.

    Araminta X

  7. Thank you, Marya, Jan and Araminta.

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