Sean and photography

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We have hundreds of photos of Sean and his sister as children, some of which I will scan and upload. As a teenager Sean developed an interest in photography, and proved to have a talent for it. The photos on his Flickr site were taken when he was barely 16 years old. The one of me was uploaded three years to the day before he died.

Sean took photos for a nightclub, for a heritage society booklet and on various public occasions. One of his photos was used in the corporate image of a local hotel … Sean was surprised to see it on billboards, as his permission for its use had never been sought; it had been downloaded without his knowledge from his Flickr site.

During the summer just gone he got a part-time job as a photographer with a local newspaper (sports and social events) but, unfortunately, the paper folded after he had worked just one weekend.

Lately I had been saying to Sean that he should try to develop his photography, and he said that he would. He was also good at graphic design and web design – he had designed a brochure for a wind energy company and was developing a website for the heritage society, which he showed at the last meeting. In the Multimedia Web Development course he took in 2008/9 he gained distinctions in communications, design, image processing, multimedia project development and web authoring, and merits in media analysis, multimedia authoring and work experience.

Many of Sean’s photos were on USB keys that were lost or corrupted, or in places unknown. I may post some as and when I find them.



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9 responses to “Sean and photography

  1. Marya

    Hello Brendano .. superb photos. Thank you for posting them and sharing them with us.
    How lovely that you have this beautiful record of Sean’s exceptional talent and sensitive and artistic vision .. seeing with his eyes ..

    Marya x

  2. Thanks very much, Marya. He did have a good eye. He also had a pretty good camera these days … the Flickr ones were taken with his mum’s little Fuji.

  3. Marya

    Yes, Brendan, it’s the ‘good eye’ that makes a photograph more than a pictorial record.
    The most sophisticated camera cannot produce that intangible factor – it can only enhance it 🙂

    I love the happy dog portraits ..

    Marya x

  4. Thanks, Marya. You certainly have a good eye for a photo yourself. 🙂

    The blue tit in the slideshow had flown into a window. It recovered (as seen on the Flickr site).

    • Marya

      Thank you very much, Brendan.

      I remember your mentioning that incident .. and the happy outcome.

      A beautiful slide show .. Sean seems to have had a particular affinity with water .. the view through the arch and the rushing flow by the stone are particularly lovely;
      as are the various shots of the waterfall.
      Thank you

      Marya x

  5. Shermeen

    I have always found Sean’s photography eloquent of an innate appreciation of beauty. He framed his photos so very well. We all have our specific ideas of the aesthetics. Most of the time I find myself in harmony with Sean’s ideals of the same.
    Thank you, Brendano for these photos.

  6. Ike Jakson

    Keep them Brendan. They will be a treasure to you later. Save them all and make that slide show that you mentioned elsewhere.

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