Definition of hate-mailer: ‘hopeless loser’

Why would somebody spend his time posting abusive messages to a stranger on the Internet – up to 30 in a single night? Why would one try to find out the names of that stranger’s neighbours and family members in order to incorporate them in obscene fantasies?

It can only be a sign of a diseased and paltry mind, consumed by some kind of pathological envy. Every crank message is a mere paraphrase of ‘I am a hopelessly insecure loser’, and that is how they are read, when I read them at all.

I hope that Mr Haslam, hunched over his computer somewhere in the east of England, will make a full recovery in due course, and find more productive things to do with his limited time.

If he doesn’t, he will remain the extremely pathetic loser. His life must be very miserable indeed.



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20 responses to “Definition of hate-mailer: ‘hopeless loser’

  1. I was dithering about posting a comment. Has he changed tack and decided to attack you? One reads his drivel and is struck by the SAMENESS of it, a total lack of originality.The hallmark of the failed constable? “Bedlam” had the greatest summation of him “Either disabled and housebound or seriously has no life”. Loser is I think too generous. Let him splash about on the Torygraph, Old Holborn et al. I see he is now on Fitwatch. There is definately something sexual about the “attention” a few of us receive. Wonder is taht he has never been nicked and/or that he is still outside a secure psychiatric unit! Oh well, I have a busy day, dole, gay pride marches and drowning kittens. See ya!

  2. RB, I have a couple of hundred of his comments in my ‘trash’ folder, which is where they belong. He’s made 10 or so on this post already, in different names.

    An odd character … obviously very low self-esteem (justfiedly) and various neuroses. Always wanting to dehumanize people … obsessed with Irish travellers (as ‘subhumans’) in order to place himself above them.

    All those freakish Photoshopped pics of grotesque people he used to post on MyT …

    Yes, one of life’s losers, but unwilling to acknowledge the problem. Prefers to blame others.

  3. Dear B, I forwarded some of his stuff to the authorities. It is amazing how long he has lasted on the Torygraph. What is his major malfunction? He strikes me as a Daily Mail or Sun reader who lost his way. Boasting about mansions and barristers. He paid 72K for his place in 2000, hardly top drawer and I wonder if he is part Irish? Self loathing is his mien. Definately has a problem re “sexuality”. Wonder if he was a queer basher? Repressed gays usually are. He is 65 or so now one would have thought he’d have garnered a bit of sense. Wonder why he thinks my real first name is Andy? File him under “Insane” sub-folder “Unintelligent, unloved, untalented”!

  4. claire2

    Brendano; hi.
    Don’t know what all this is about, but is everything okay?

  5. Rainer the cabbie

    Keep trashing his comments.
    After reading this fellow for the last two years it is obvious to me that he suffers from a psychiatric condition.
    I am sorry that you became the cornerstone of his disease. Sometimes it is funny to observe this,from a clinical perspective, but mostly it is sad.
    I hope he gets some professional help soon.

  6. Hi Claire and Rainer .. nice to see you both!

    Yes, a sad case, Rainer. How are things with you … enjoying the World Cup? I thought of you when Germany played Australia (and Australia weren’t able to play Germany). 🙂

    Oh, everything’s just fine Claire … heading for the pub in a while; must brush up on the words of ‘The Leaving of Liverpool’ and find a suitable key. 🙂

  7. claire2

    lucky you…
    I’ve had a single glass of wine and feel a bit drunk. DOesn’t take much with me; good job old style MyT isn’t around any more…
    I did the Dock of the Bay in school yesterday. THe kids loved it. Only trouble is, I always find myself having to transpose up on the spot, owing to the fact that the kids always want to sing much higher than me. I have a very low singing voice, so they tell me.

  8. Good for you, Claire. You must be an alto … I’m a tenor. Yes, it can be a bit of a nuisance having to sing in a key that doesn’t suit.

    Will add DotB to my list … thanks for reminding me. I always make a list of songs I might sing when I’m going out. 🙂

  9. claire2

    I didn’t used to have such a low voice, but I think it’s the effects of teaching. The kids always want to sing at least a fifth up from me, which is really hard but good practice I suppose,from a vocal practice point of view.

  10. I bet you’re a good singer, Claire.

    My daughter is taking some singing lessons … I may have mentioned that she got a part in a production of Grease.

  11. claire2

    HAs she? What’s she playing?
    I used to have a much better voice, before teaching. I’ve always sung though, even in my bed, apparently, as a little girl which used to drive my parents bonkers.
    Funny; my kids do exactly the same now. Payback time, you could call it 🙂

  12. Morning, Claire. She’s playing one of the Pink Ladies. It’s good that your kinds like to sing.

    We had a good night in the pub … it went on till 3 or so. Part of a charity event in the Gaelic football club, which raised €4,000 yesterday … not bad for a small community.

  13. claire2

    god,3am! Those were the days (my friend).. 🙂

  14. That’s another good session song. 🙂

    Probably nearer four by the time we got to bed. Up at 9.30 and running about … watching Australia v. Ireland in rugby now.

  15. Ike Jakson


    If this is any consolation [as I hope it will be] be strong and try to ignore it.

    The kind of sick mind that is responsible for it selected you because he wants to destruct the good and the healthy; they never pick the weak because the weak is no risk to them. Of course I don’t mean that you are a risk to anyone; they just pick the stronger ones because they hate strength of character.

    It’s typical of The Club [sorry to have to bring it up] to needle you into frustration. Lucky you have WordPress Spam protection. I get some “nuisance mail” [no hate ones yet] and I simply clean my spam box when I log in.

  16. Hello Ike. Thanks for that … I appreciate it. I hope you’re keeping well.

    Yes, that kind of behaviour is a sign of weakness, and a crippling inferiority complex. On MyT the person in question knew he had no hope of winning any kind of argument with me, so he had to create dozens of IDs, keep repeating lies about me, etc. In the early MyT days he posted some good blogs, but that hasn’t been the case for a long time.

    It’s clearly a symptom of a sickness, and it certainly not my problem. He must deal with it himself.

  17. Cymbeline

    Best not to try and assess people in psychiatric terms if one is not qualified to do so.

    The range of ‘normality’ covers a vast spectrum of human behaviour. The hate-mailer is probably perfectly sane and responsible for his acts. If so, there are no medical excuses. Unless proven otherwise, I would say that it is a matter for the police, and not the psychiatric ward.

    Have you gone to the police yet, Brendano? I would.

    • Rainer the cabbie

      The amount of obsession this man has with Brendano is anything but normal.
      To classify him as psychiatric is no assumption, but a logical conclusion.

  18. No, I haven’t gone to the police, Cymbeline. If I do, there is an ever-increasing dossier of evidence to present.

    We shall see.

  19. Dear Cymbers, Even with a fleeting one year as a student psychiatric nurse one can see that D.G Haslam is ill. He targets the brighter bloggers. If it goes quiet for a few days I comfort myself by thinking he has died. Not nice but mild compared to death threats, fake IDs etc. Plod are not interested in him.

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