Irish countryside … summer

My wife and I walk the dogs nearly every day. We have two routes … the one shown here is perhaps less photogenic, as it doesn’t have views of the Lough Crew Hills, but never mind.

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14 responses to “Irish countryside … summer

  1. It was a beautiful day here last Sunday, Cymbeline … we don’t get enough of them.

    The lane the horses galloped down is at right angles to the one shown here, but pretty similar. Plenty of horses traverse this one too.

  2. Yes, it’s fabulous, Cymbeline. I have a lot of happy memories of playing football on our lawn with all the local kinds till 10 or later … and of my own childhood too, of course, when I seemed to be playing football, cycling to the lake or swimming in the lake all summer.

  3. But some summers we get hardly any good, sunny weather.

  4. helpmaboab

    Mmmmm, some nice trees. Probably too many. Spoil the view.

  5. hmb, a conveniently located spurtle factory would put that right.

    I’ll ring the cross-border cooperation people and ask for some money.

  6. madeoforléans

    The Emerald Isle dons it’s rich and varied summer garb, so many hues of green. Contentment and tranquility clothes the land that is known for episodes that were anything but. Such is life, ambiguous, never quite what it appears.

  7. Hello Richard. Yes, that’s true. I think I mentioned before that the population of my area fell drastically from the 1840s onwards … hence there are many old abandoned houses like the one in the slideshow.

  8. madeoforléans

    Brendano I always have similar thoughts when I vist Verdun or other battles scenes of worldwar one. Where there wasn’t a living tree standing, and blood and limbs flew violently, the traquil forest is restablished and the murderous past is totally concealed.

  9. Cymbeline, it’s strange to think of all the past generations, of whose lives we really know so little.

    Future generations will know a lot more about our lives, I suppose, if they want to.

    The people alive now seem to think of themselves as the culmination of humanity, and very different to those in the old times, but of course this isn’t the case.

  10. Yes, I agree, Cymbeline. I didn’t mean a culmination in the sense of the future being written. I think some of us think we’re the bee’s knees and the past is kind of old, but I suppose we’re just one generation, and not ‘special’.

    I wonder if the people of every time thought they were special, and a culmination for the moment? Perhaps in the ‘civilized’ world, but not elsewhere, I imagine.

  11. madeoforléans

    Cymbeline, maybe but not where I have gone. I wandered all around the Verdun forests and near the famous voie sacré and fort de Douaument. Really I couldn’t see any evidence of war. I also went through Northern France looking at the battle fields,(having just read the book by shirley williams mother) again nothing. No doubt to a specialst there are craters and signs, but really nature has done a good recovery job.

  12. madeoforléans

    Verdun is a sleepy little town. I stopped off there often on the way to Luxembourg. The countryside is pleasant rolling wooded hills without being spectacular. What is stupendous is the osserary and the thousand upon thousnd of white crosses. It is the only place that gives you a true feeling of the mass killing that was WW1. Worth the journey.

  13. NIce pix.
    Is there a modern farmhouse replacing the wallsteads? Or is this acompletely abandoned place?

  14. Tnanks, Isobel. Completely abandoned. The population of my area fell from something like 4,000 to around 500 (don’t have figures to hand, and about to dash out).

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