Duet (a poem)

If your loving, giving heart were a fireball burning dim
If your perfect living art should turn from gold to brass
If a hooded crow should trick you into flying with him
If the dark night of your soul should come to pass
If a fox should cause you to swerve from the way
If an angel should remind you of the price to pay
And if you and I should have to part …

Outside time, in some amnesic sphere
We would smile to each other, move along
And recall for one moment the consummate song
We used to sing … now, here.



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12 responses to “Duet (a poem)

  1. claire2

    Did you write this? It’s beautiful.

  2. Yes I did, Claire … thanks very much. 🙂

    It was in response to a Poets Cornered challenge set by Pseu on MyT … it had to include a couple of specified words … ‘fireball’ and ‘brass’, I think.

  3. jaimeatdnmyt

    Very nice, Brendan, and it seems very Irish to me. The imagery reminiscent of the earliest Gaelic poetry. With its crows and foxes and mystic sensibility.

  4. Thanks, Jaime … very kind of you.

    I hadn’t thought of the imagery like that, looking from inside, but I’m sure you’re right and I do like to imbibe the culture whence I sprang. 🙂

  5. claire2

    Well you certainly have…a way with words.
    Very beautiful.

  6. Thanks, Claire. I wrote it about my wife.

    Usually it takes me quite a long time to write a poem as I chop and change, but this took about ten minutes … it came straight out.

  7. claire2

    I had no idea you wrote poetry like this Brendano.
    Shame MyT isn’t really the place to put this sort of stuff up any more…

  8. I posted a good few poems on MyT over the years, Claire. I wrote a batch of them some years ago, and have only occasionally written one since.

    Cymbeline was very kind about some of them.

  9. claire2

    I’m so glad you publish them here then.
    Shame about MyT> There should be some sort of poetry comp. Not that I would enter myself – it’s a bit too cathartic for me, poetry – but I find it fascinating and enthralling to read stuff like this. This one reminds me of Ant B’s stuff; so lyrical that it’s sort of half way between words and music, and the words seem to sort of fly…
    Anyway, I’ll bugger off now! Pile of ironing awaits (:

  10. Thanks again, Claire. I’ll post my other ones here from time to time … they’re mostly a bit more obscure and self-indulgent, I think.

  11. claire2

    I like them, Brendano. I love reading stuff like this; it’s a sort of escapism I guess.

  12. Thanks very much, Cymbeline. I like it too, I must say.

    I showed it to my wife the other day … I normally don’t show her my poems, as she claims not to ‘get’ poetry. She was very pleased with it.

    Yes, there was a lot of 19th-century English propaganda on ‘inferior races’ and the like.

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